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The travel industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We want to change that and act as inspiration for others, travellers and other travel companies alike.

 We believe that we can create a travel company that actually has a positive impact on the planet…

We are always looking for ways to improve so we invite you to challenge us on our policies and invite suggestions on how we can add practices that improve our impact.

Here are just some of the ways we already operate in our goal to become the worlds most earth friendly travel company

  • Make every flight count - Flights are our biggest oxymoron. Our awareness and subsequent action was only made real by first hand witness to devastating effects of human activity (See 10 hours of Palm oil in Borneo[blog post link], and dynamite fishing the in Philippines[Blog post link]). Also in equal measures our connection to the planet comes though experiencing incredible things all across it. We believe that people are far more likely to protect something when they truly connect with it. (Surfers Against Sewage ect.) So experiencing the planets wonders is crucial to this. We want people to make every flight really count. So instead of being like a normal travel company and trying to sell as many tripos as possible, we will only be running a minimal amount of trips that will only be available once per year. And, these trips will be once in a lifetime experiences that has a lasting positive impact on you and the way you treat our world. Rather than regular holidays where you are all ready planning the next one while sitting by the pool.

  • Support the Green Flying Duty - There is a way forward for sustainable flight. We agree and actively support this approach put forward by Responsible Travel. Here is how you can too.

  • Partner with Chooose - To help fund fund the best UN-verified CO2-reducing projects.

  • Only the most sustainable supply chains- For example we rigorously tested the 7 most sustainable t-shirts before we chose a winner for our products.

  • Support key conservation projects in every place we adventure - For example… Our

  • Plant based food only - Yes we love Bacon too, but is our appetite for meat it really worth the impact on our planet? We think not. Also, we only have the best possible chefs to cook up delights that make you say “Kevin who?”

  • Green energy supplier - Our office and staff homes are supplied by Ecotricity. We also encourage our clients to join the green energy revolution [Link to discount]

  • Our adventure research plants trees -

  • Positivity packs - Every single person who comes on a trip with us gets supplied with a positivity pack. This gives them a one stop shop to instantly transform their own impact on the planet and spreads our positive impact further. Hang on, we should give one to as many people as possible! Get yours now![Pack Download Link]