As a kid, when I was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  I always answered “An Archeologist”.

Not because I wanted to dig up bones , but because I though all archeologists were like Indiana Jones.

When I did grow up I tried my best to do nothing but explore. I traveled, saved, traveled and repeated for a number of years, but never with a guide book or much clue about where I was headed. Instead, immersing myself with local people, lead me to discover some of the worlds most spectacular places, still hidden from the well trodden paths.

Adulthood told me I needed to stop playing and get a ‘proper’ job. So I joined a big marketing agency, but before too long I realised it was not for me.


I was sat in a grey office dreaming of what would be the most opposite to my current situation. So I put an X on a map in the middle of nowhere, as far from roads as allowed. With no idea about what we would find, me and friend Jake Denham put everything we needed(though we needed) on our backs and set off into the Alps and into the unknown. We were totally underprepared for the epic journey ahead.


That X took us way beyond our comfort zones, it was more dangerous than I’ve even told my family (until now). But, it made me feel totally alive again. After a number of days immersed in nature and pure adventure, the dangerous mystery path took all the way to the summit of a mountain. Thats summit was ours for those few moments and that particular journey changed our lives forever…


What came next was seismic shift in belief in ourselves, a new found respect for nature, and a positive change in priorities about how we live this precious life.

So we formed Unknown Epic to create mystery journeys that would make people feel truly alive. We took people on genuine adventures to make the same positive impact on their lives as it did ours.


People who’d never even been camping before scaled mountains. We found the worlds greatest natural waterslides on adventures inspired by The Goonies. We seized 10th century castles, slept with wolves and chased countless epic sunrises to provide much needed moments of reflection for those who needed it most.

I had found that spot where I could take what I love, my skills and experiences, and use them to positively impact other people’s lives, and the planet.


Now, Unknown Epic has become U N L O S T.

We create preposterous adventures inspired by childhood dreams thatm in the greyness of adulthood, have been lost.
It’s our purpose to help people discover something about themselves or, revive something they thought was lost.
And, we champion those who are on a mission to save parts of precious planet that are nearly lost.

We are U N L O S T - Extraordinary Adventures to Create a Positive Impact.




Kim Slade

Founder, Adventurer, Experience Designer