Remember those extremely rare days when it snowed…

You got the day off school, found the nearest hill, grabbed anything you could get your hands on that would slide down it, and had ridiculous fun until it go so dark you couldn’t see and your fingers were freezing off…

Face-ache from the laughter, feet-ache from the running up and down, voluntary hypothermia and memories that glow in your mind… until you become an adult and sledging isn’t cool anymore.

Well f**k that! We are taking that 13ft slope at the park as inspiration, and upping it to a 13 MILE continuous toboggan run from the summit of a mountain, through an alpine wonderland of jagged peaks, pristine forests and picturesque villages.

Oh, and there will be a party waiting for you at the bottom to celebrate completing the worlds longest toboggan run and becoming a Sledgend.

Want to be in the team? Scroll on baby…


THE plan



After your arrival in the jaw dropping Grindelwald, Switzerland you will saddle up on your traditional wooden sledge for a safety and speed training session with an actual Swiss sledging champion (this guys goes over 100kmph on these bad boys). All under the iconic North Face of The Eiger. We will need an early(ish) night as tomorrow will be epic…



Early rise to catch the first cable of the day so we can race the sun to the summit of the mountain. We will have a lung testing 3 hour hike through the snow, toboggans in tow, to reach our our 9000ft summit, lunch spot and start line. Then for the ride of our lives, down 20KM of non-stop winding powder bliss for equal measures of wind-in-hair tranquility and white-knuckle adrenaline…


DAY 3-After glow

Last nights victory party was a little heavy for some and our faces still hurt from joy-ache. So we start the day slow and after a recovery breakfast have some free time to sleep off the bruises, explore the village, or ride a few more last slopes before we leave for home…until the next adventure.




What’s included?

  • Training Session With Swiss Toboggan Champion

  • 2 Days Sledge and Helmet Hire

  • Alpine Train Pass

  • Ski Lift Pass

  • Transport from Zurich to Grindlewald

  • Shared Team Accommodation

  • Local Food (4x main meals)

  • Summit Picnic

  • Victory After Party

  • Exclusive Sledgend Of Grindlewald Embroidered Patch

  • Contribution to world changing UN sustainability projects

What’s not included?

  • International Flights

  • Alcohol

  • Travel Insurance


Apply to join the team…

Adventure Price: £769

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